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Delivery & Checking policy

In order for customers to shop conveniently and choose their favorite jewelry, we provide many different forms of purchase depending on your purpose.




◊ Due to the characteristics of high-value goods, Leman does not support COD delivery. Leman only ships and delivers goods upon confirmation of payment of 100% of the product value.

◊ We encourage customers to receive goods directly at the store to have the best inspection conditions and make corrections quickly when necessary.

◊ In case of customer request, we support free inner city delivery in Ho Chi Minh City by Leman staff and free delivery to other areas by courier for orders over 50,000 .000 VND. Delivery by courier service to customers in other provinces will bear an insurance fee for the item. However, as advised on safety, Leman Jewelry will not bear any responsibility if the damage or loss occurs due to the delivery process.

◊ When delivering goods through home delivery or delivery services, Leman Jewelry will conduct checks such as "Regulations on inspection of goods upon receipt" and film and send it back to you if required. bridge.

◊ Leman supports overseas delivery upon request, the fee will be negotiated with the customer based on the fee the unit still offers.



When receiving the goods, we encourage customers to carefully check and confirm the following factors:


1. Diamond test
◊ Test with a diamond tester
◊ Compare the GIA Number and the edge code on the diamond with an edge scanner
◊ Check the diamond quality with a magnifying glass (if required by the customer)


2. Jewelry Check
◊ Check your wrist/jewelry size to make sure it fits and is comfortable to wear.
◊ Check the symbol engraved on the product including the character, gold content
◊ Visual inspection of external finishing factors (smooth surface, no scratches or manufacturing defects; even and correct color; symmetry, aesthetics of details, engraved text) ).
◊ Test diamond plate with diamond tester
◊ Check the status of the owner and the pedestal:
◊ Diamonds are set correctly, the table surface of the diamond must be straight, not tilted
◊ The pins are tight, the diamond does not feel wobbly or moved
◊ The grooves of the jaws are deep enough for the diamond to stay stable and firmly attached to the pin
◊ The shank and base are not broken or deformed under normal hand force testing
◊ Document Check 
◊ Guarantee paper of Leman Jewelry with accurate information including photos, product details true to reality, full name, phone number, wood stamp of Leman Jewelry on the guarantee paper ◊ GIA test certificate – with the number matching the edge code of the Diamond. GIA paper has no signs of erasing ◊ After fully checking the above factors, the customer makes the payment. By paying Leman Jewelry, the customer confirms that he or she has received the complete and correct product. ◊ After receiving the goods, all questions and requests related to customers' products will be received and handled by Leman Jewelry according to the Warranty & Exchange Policy.