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 Exchange policy

Encourage customers to come to Leman Jewelry showroom for warranty, check products every 3 months to ensure the product is always in the best condition, limiting the risk of severe damage or falling of the owner.




Leman Jewelry's products are divided into 5 groups:

- Group 1: Natural diamonds with GIA certificate
- Group 2: Gold jewelry with a content of 18K or more with sheet diamonds and loose natural diamonds without GIA certificate
- Group 3: Gold jewelry with content from 18K with pearls, precious stones other than natural diamonds (for example Sapphire, Tourmarline, Emerald, CZ, Mossanite,...)
- Group 4: Gold jewelry without diamonds, pearls and other stones.
- Group 5: Jewelry designed on request.




PolicyGroup 1Group 2Group 3Group 4Group 5

Not collected pearls and other stones

Collected according to the gold price

Based on Agreement

Exchange for a higher value

95%80%Not collected pearls and other stonesCollected according to the gold priceBased on Agreement

Exchange for a lower value

For the Value section of new products: apply the policy “Exchange higher value”. 

For the Value difference between new and old products: apply the policy of "Return"



◊ The exchange value is calculated as the product price at the time of purchase minus the applied promotional values. Leman Jewelry will record the specific exchange value on the Guarantee.


◊ In some cases (for example, customers have a request to buy non-refundable at a special price), Leman will not commit to exchange and this is clearly stated in the Guarantee. With these orders, Leman only supports customers to consign and resell if customers have needs.


Return time & return method:

◊ When you need to return the product, please contact Leman Jewelry via hotline or Facebook for advice and appointment scheduling.


◊ The exchange is only handled directly at Leman Jewelry's Showroom at 201 Ly Tu Trong, Ben Thanh Ward, District 1, HCMC.


◊ When coming to the Showroom, please bring the product with all documents including Certificate of Guarantee, Certificate of GIA Inspection (in case of GIA owner) and identification document (ID card or passport).


◊ Leman only accepts to exchange products if customers still keep all documents including Guarantee Certificate, GIA Inspection Certificate (for owner) and the product is intact, not damaged, chipped, squeezed. warped or cracked.


◊ In case the jewelry loses the Guarantee Certificate, Leman will assist in tracing the stored data. If we confirm the order information, we will support the exchange according to the policy.


◊ In case the GIA diamond owner loses the GIA certificate, we have the right to refuse to exchange or only exchange at the price agreed between the two parties.


◊ Leman will refuse to exchange for the owner diamond that is cracked, chipped, scratched or shows signs of being affected by temperature, pressure, chemicals ... leading to the risk of quality change. diamond compared to the original.


◊ For cracked, deformed jewelry, we only support exchange based on actual gold value after re-weighing the product. Leman has the right to refuse to exchange if the jewelry or diamond product has been modified, changed texture (including the collection, plating, polishing) by a unit not affiliated with Leman Jewelry.


◊ We may refuse to exchange if the person requesting the exchange is different from the person ordering and the product shows signs of fraud, or illegal activities.


◊ The payment of the exchange value will be made by cash or by bank transfer at the discretion of Leman Jewelry. Payment will be made and completed within a maximum of 36 hours from the time all checks are completed and the exchange is approved.


◊ The exchange may be suspended in the event of force majeure such as war, terrorism, epidemics, natural disasters, earthquakes, tsunamis, etc., or at times when the government declares a state of disaster , curfew, martial law.