Gemologist of America (GIA) and Leman Jewelry Center for Diamond Assessment (Leman Laboratory) are one of the most prestigious diamond, gem and precious metal inspection centers in Vietnam. With modern machinery and equipment imported from Italy and a team of experts trained at prestigious gemological institutes in the world such as GIA - Leman Lab's diamond assessment certificate ensure the highest international standards.

Each Leman diamond

◊ Certified by GIA (Gemological Institute of America).
◊ Meticulously and rigorously selected by expert diamond testers with GIA certificates of designer and Leman Laboratory.

Diamond Protective Case

One of the first diamond security boxes in Vietnam, has finally appeared in a new investment market like in Vietnam. We are proud to present a card that is carefully designed and engineered with high quality and security to the standards of GIA DIAMOND (Gemological Institute of America). The front is covered with a pattern using a patterned handwritten font over the blue card. On the back there is an invisible ink pattern, visible only when shined under UV light.

Diamonds and Gems

Beauty of Spring

Diamond Necklace

Cinquième Étoile

Pendant (exclude Gemstone & Lace)


Des Larmes D'or

Diamond Necklace