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Jewelry care instructions

To keep the shine of the product, please review the notes when using jewelry as well as preserving it.

Preserving for every day use

✦ Do not let jewelry come into close contact with metals such as silver, lead, especially mercury found in chemicals and cosmetics; because these metals, when reacted with gold, are easily formed white spots on gold.

✦ Avoid contact with perfume, hairspray, detergent to maintain the product's beauty.

✦ Do not use gold jewelry in sauna or steam bath because gold conducts heat quickly, so it is very easy to cause skin burns.

✦ Avoid direct impact on the product such as: impact, compression...

✦ Limit wearing jewelry when practicing sports and when performing outdoor tasks that require a lot of exercise.

Cleaning Jewelry

✦ To keep your jewelry bright and beautiful for a long period of time, you should bring the product to Leman Jewelry Showroom so that our staff can help you refresh it for free with specialized tools.

✦ You can use a new makeup brush to clean jewelry with easy-to-scratch surfaces like pearls, sapphires, rubies and diamonds. Jewelry are very small in size and easy to lose, it is recommended that you clean your jewelry in a glass or cup.

✦ You can also clean your jewelry at home with warm water mixed with toothpaste, dishwashing liquid or mild soap. Soak jewelry in warm water solution mixed for about 1 minute, then gently scrub with a soft brush or by hand. Then carefully dry the jewelry with a soft cloth or use a hair dryer on medium heat.

 ◊ Note: Do not soak gems for a long time because of chemical compounds can penetrate and cause jewelry to change color. In addition, you should avoid sudden changes in temperature during jewelry cleaning, such as soaking in very hot water and then suddenly rinse with cold water, as it may crack the gems.

Storing Jewelry

✦ Diamond jewelry and jewelry with gem stones (pearl, marble, all kinds other rocks).

 ◊ Each stone has a different hardness, so it can cause scratches if it comes in contact with sharp objects or bumps during storage. Therefore, it is recommended to preserve every separate piece in a jewelry box with compartment

 ◊ Please noted not to store diamond jewelry with other gem stones pieces since diamonds with hard structure can cause scratches with each others

✦ Store your jewelry in a special case lined with soft cloth to prevent it from getting damaged or broken.

✦ It is recommended to disassemble jewelry with complicated and fragile designs before going to sleep.