Leman jewelry

Ngoc Doan has created a brand new wave of contemporary aesthetic to traditional designs while still maintaining the elegance and delicacy in her works.

Diamond Standard
from Leman Lab
Falling in Love
When you find the right person, every day that passes will be Valentine.
Valentine's Day is here again! Couple's day gives each other gifts and lots of love.
You are my Destiny
The Athenian philosopher of the Classical period in ancient Greece Plato conceived that, when our souls descended from heaven, they were divided, so that when we met our soul mate I was "for the first time" in my life, it was a reunion.
The Lady Flora
Miss Le Hang is gentle and elegant in a dress with a minimalist but luxurious design to enhance the beauty of pure gold diamond jewelry from Leman Jewelry.
Be Gorgeous
Let's honor Women with a collection of masterpiece jewelry whose beauty is a combination of
selected pink diamonds set on a background of finely honed white gold jewelry through the hands of talented artisans. Ngoc Doan.
Le Fleur
If in the middle of a flower garden, she will be the flower with the most mysterious beauty exuding an enchanting charm.